Illness, Health and Safety

If your child is ill and unable to attend school, we ask you to telephone school to inform us by 9.15 am. When your child has been absent for more than a couple of days we ask you to write a note to explain the reason for absence on their return. Please note that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must not come back to school until 48 hours after the symptoms have cleared.

Under the updated regulations, which came into effect on 1st September 2013, the headteacher cannot grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The number of days that will be authorised depends  upon the exceptional circumstance, but normally would not be more than five days.

Illness and keeping a child off of school:

  1. Please inform us in writing of any medical problems children have so that the school is aware of needs and how to deal with them.
  2. Please inform us in writing of any notifiable illnesses, such as chicken pox.
  3. Usually children who require medicine are not well enough to be in school.
  4. Occasionally it is necessary for a child to continue with a prescription and in this case please complete this form:  We cannot be held responsible for administering the medicine. Parents are free to come into school to administer medicine themselves.
  5. If your child has a stomach upset eg sickness or diarrhoea, please do not send him/her to school until 48 hours after the symptoms have cleared.
  6. Please ensure the school office has your current address, home and work telephone numbers and your doctor’s name and address so that we can contact you in an emergency. If you were unavailable the school would act in loco parentis, making decisions for the safety and well being of your child.
  7. For the safety of your child, Surrey County Council has recommended that jewellery and earrings are not worn in school. Children are not permitted to wear any earrings during a PE lesson. Staff do not remove or put in earrings.
  8. Personal Accident Insurance for School Children – Surrey County Council states that children are not insured by the authority, nor by the Governing Body.



Head Injury Form with advice for parents

The school doctor, optician and dentist visit from time to time. You will be notified of these visits.