School Expansion

Expansion Plans September 2016 onwards:

Site photos 10th January 2017

Thoughts and Dreams Ceremony Friday 6th January 2017 – photographs

Junior Building Weekly Photos:

Week beginning 13th March 2017:


Week beginning 16th January 2017:

img_0479 img_0478 img_0476 img_0475 img_0474 img_0473 img_0472

Week beginning 9th January 2017:

img_0431 img_0430 img_0429 img_0428 img_0427 img_0426 img_0425 img_0425-copy img_0424-copy-2 img_0423-copy-2 img_0422-copy img_0421 img_0420-copy img_0419-copy

Week beginning 12th December 2016:

img_0379 img_0378 img_0377 img_0376 img_0375 img_0374

Week beginning 5th December 2016:

img_0365 img_0364 img_0363 img_0362 img_0361 img_0358 img_0357 img_0356

Week beginning 21st November 2016:

img_0349 img_0348 img_0347 img_0346 img_0345 img_0344 img_0343 img_0342

Week beginning 14th November 2016:

img_0330 img_0335 img_0334 img_0333 img_0332 img_0331

Week beginning 7th November 2016:

img_0329 img_0328 img_0327 img_0326 img_0325

Week beginning 31st October 2016:

img_0320 img_0319 img_0318 img_0317 img_0316 img_0315 img_0314 img_0313

Week beginning 17th October 2016:

img_0307-copy img_0308-copy img_0309-copy img_0310-copy



Site Elevations

Site Construction Phasing Plan

GA Elevations

Lower Ground Floor Plans

First Floor and Roof Plans

Proposed Site Plan

Location Plan



Year 3 and Younger Sibling Applications

The governing body of Reigate Parish Church School has decided to follow Surrey County Council’s guidelines for parents applying for a waiting list place.

This guidance relates to parents whose child has been offered a Year 3 place at Reigate Parish Church School for September 2016 and who have a younger sibling wanting a place on a waiting list .

  • If a parent has been offered a Year 3 place and they want a younger child put on the waiting list for a Reception 2016 place, then this Reception 2016 application would be considered a sibling place from the time the application is received.
  • However, if a parent has been offered a Year 3 place at Reigate Parish Church School and they want a younger child put on the waiting list for an in-year group i.e. current Reception, current Year 1 or current Year 2 (academic year 2015/2016), that child would not be eligible for sibling priority on the waiting list until the Year 3 child had started and been admitted to Reigate Parish Church School. If you want to apply to be put on the Reception place waiting list, you will need to complete an In-Year application form and return it to Surrey County Council. You can find the form on this link:

In addition:

  • If a parent wants to apply for a Year 3 place at Reigate Parish Church School for September 2016 entry, you will need to complete the In-Year application form (see link above) and return it to Surrey County Council. At present this will appear as a Year 2 application but it will be considered by us as an application for a Year 3 place for September 2016 entry.


Reigate Parish Church School planning permission update 18th December 2015

Update on expansion 11th December 2015

Expansion update letter 4th December 2015

MUGA Update letter 2nd December 2015

MUGA letter explaining time lines November 2015


Week beginning 14th March 2016:

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0120

Week beginning 7th March 2016:

IMG_0104 - Copy IMG_0106 - Copy IMG_0107 - Copy IMG_0108 - Copy IMG_0111 - Copy IMG_0112 - Copy IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0115

Week beginning 29th February 2016:

IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098

Week beginning 22nd February 2016:

IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

Week beginning 8th February 2016:


Week beginning 25th January 2016:

IMG_0046 IMG_0045 IMG_0044 IMG_0043 IMG_0042


Week beginning 18th January 2016:

IMG_0030 IMG_0026 IMG_0025 IMG_0024 IMG_0021 IMG_0020


Week beginning 11th January 2016:

IMG_6769 IMG_6772 IMG_0012 IMG_0009

Week beginning 4th January 2016:

IMG_0002 IMG_0004 IMG_0003

Week beginning 14th December 2015:

IMG_6770 IMG_6775 IMG_6774 IMG_6773 IMG_6772 IMG_6771 IMG_6769 IMG_6768

Week beginning 7th December 2015:





Week beginning 30th November 2015:





Expansion News at Reigate Parish Church School

KS2 Curriculum

Mrs Kennedy has completed the overview for the KS2 curriculum and is now turning her attention to adding the detail to the Year 3 curriculum. On Thursday 3rd December this, plus other information about Year 3, will be shared to our Prospective Year 3 Parents.

Open House Events in January 2016

Early in the New Year we will be holding two more Open House events for prospective Year 3 parents from school and the wider community on Wednesday 6th January 7.30pm – 8.30pm and on Thursday 7th January from 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Everyone, from all year groups, is welcome so please come along and invite other interested parents to come as well.

How to get a Year 3 Place for September 2016

Because we don’t have a Year 3 PAN (which means parents cannot select us for a Year 3 admission place on the Surrey website) the way to secure a Year 3 place at our outstanding school is for parents of a child attending another school to put their child’s name down on our Year 2 waiting list. Admissions and Transport have advised us that then in June 2016 you will be contacted to confirm if you want to take up a Year 3 place from September 2016.

Then from September 2016 admission into Year 3 would be via the in-year admission process.

Please contact the school on 01737 2444476 or email and talk to Mrs Prestidge our admissions officer with your questions and queries.


Proposed Expansion letter

Reigate Parish Statutory notice

Shaping the Future Document – four-page

Shaping the Future Document – two-page