As well as every parent, the PTA is made up of a core committee of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary and the Class Form Representatives.

They are as follows:

Chairs: Claire Shaw

Co-Treasurers:  Chantal Agius and Colette Christiansen

Secretary:  Vacancy



Class reps:

Butterflies: Ruth Eckersall, Sadie Metherell,

Ladybirds: Sophie Johns, Libby Thomas, Jenny Waller

Caterpillars:  Antonia Byrne, Caroline Pocock

Grasshoppers: Pauline Ebbutt, Celia Lister

Honeybees: Suzanne Allin, Jo McDonald, Sarah Stevens

Dragonflies:  Gemma O’Gara, Nicola Read, Kate Salter

Turtles: Claire Shaw, Helena Tomkins

Dophins: Judith Littlemore, Jill Wilford