The School Day

Our Timetable

Milk and Fruit

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, the school is able to provide 1/3 pint cartons. Order forms and details of payment will be provided. We are part of the NHS Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. Fresh fruit is provided daily for our infant pupils, except on the first day of each term. Children will be encouraged to eat a piece of fruit at mid-morning play.

In Key Stage 2, children are expected to bring their own water bottle and snack for break times.

Lunches at Reigate Parish

We encourage all children to have a school meal, where staff foster good table manners. Please speak to the office if your child requires a special diet.

Reigate Parish Church School now gives every infant pupil a free school lunch under the government’s Universal Infant Free School Meals Policy. All infant pupils will be given a free school meal unless parents inform us otherwise. The school office must be informed before children change to or from school meals.


There are two sittings at lunchtime. The Reception children are closely supervised at meal times by staff and the older children are encouraged to help them by taking on a big brother/sister role.

Please go to the link below to view the up-to-date school lunch menu (please scroll to bottom of page and click link):

Food Allergies

Please speak to the office if your child requires a special diet.
Please click here for Surrey Commercial Services’ food allergy information.