October 2018-Year 3 and KS2 presentation

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Reigate Parish Church Primary School Expansion

We are in a very exciting phase at Reigate Parish Church Primary School having made the decision in 2015 to expand and become a Primary School. We welcomed our first Year 3 pupils to the school in September 2016 and will continue to grow, becoming a fully established Primary School in 2020. We are an Ofsted rated‘Outstanding School’ committed to excellent learning and invested in the wellbeing of all of the pupils within our care. As of September 2017 we will also benefit from a brand new building for our Key Stage 2 pupils.

If you would like to apply for a Year 3 place at Reigate Parish Church Primary School for entry in the next academic year, please contact the school office.

What do our parents say?

“It has been amazing to see the progress my child has already made since joining the school in Year 3. He is highly motivated and has been inspired by the fun learning opportunities that stretch and challenge him.” Year 3 Parent.

“The growth of Year 3 and its contribution to the feel of the whole school has been really lovely to watch.” Reigate Parish Parent.

“It is a privilege to be able to take the children into the juniors and continue our bespoke curriculum for them. We have seen them grow in confidence and develop as real leaders of the school. They are true ambassadors for Reigate Parish.” Teacher.