What is a Governing Body?

What is a governing body?

The Government requires that each school has a management team, a governing body. This team is made up of the various stakeholders that the school serves, parents, local authority, staff, and dioceses. Governors are either elected or appointed, e.g. Parent Governors are elected from the parent body; the Local Authority (LA) appoints LA Governors,  the foundation governors are appointed by the local Anglican Church and diocese and the staff governor is elected from the school staff.

What does a governing body do?

The governing body works in partnership with the headteacher, staff, parents and the LA to raise standards of achievement in the school, led by the Chair of Governors. The main functions of the governing body are to:

  • setting the vision and strategic direction of school
  • holding the headteacher to account for its educational performance
  • ensuring financial resources are well spent.


The School Governance Constitution known as the Instrument of Government sets out the size and composition of the governing body. instrument-of-government