Full Governing Body Minutes, Agendas and paperwork

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Governing Body Agendas and Minutes

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22nd September 2015agenda-fgb-business-meeting-22-09-15minutes-fgb-mtg-22-9-15
14th March 2016agenda-fgb-meeting-14th-march-2016minutes-fgb-mtg-14-3-16
20th June 2016agenda-fgb-meeting-20th-june-2016minutes-fgb-mtg-20-6-16
26th September 2016fgb-agenda-26-09-16Minutes of FGB 26.09.16
7th November 2016FGB agenda 7.11.16FGB Minutes 7.11.16
13th March 2017FGB agenda 13.3.17 FDFGB final Minutes 13.3.17
12th June 2017FGB agenda 12.06.17FGB minutes 12.06.17
19th September 2017FGB Business agenda 19.09.17FGB Business Minutes 19.09.17
16th November 20170 FGB agenda 16.11.17FGB minutes 16.11.17
15th March 2018FGB agenda 15.3.18Pending approval

The following are links to the Terms of Reference to the Full Governing Body (rpcs-standing-orders-tor-sept-2016), Children, Standards and Learning Committee (CSL TOR 2017-2018) and the Resources Committee (Resources TOR 2017-18)