Governors’ Fund

As you know, Reigate Parish is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School.  This means we have additional responsibilities for our staff, team and the school buildings.  On the one hand, this gives us freedoms many other schools do not enjoy, such as our specific Christian approach to education.  On the other hand, it gives us responsibilities for which the School’s Governors have to find funds, which make up the Governors’ Fund.

Parents’ contributions made last academic year have been put to good use to improve the learning environment for our children and to provide better resources and equipment.  So in 2015/16 the money parents contributed was put towards the following expenses, amongst others:

  • Ongoing replacement of classroom interactive whiteboards (two were replaced last year), new laptops  and new software to support learning
  • Improvements to the school building, including the Governors’ 10% contribution to the building of the new kitchen
  • Ongoing property maintenance and insurance costs, including annual redecoration programme
  • Annual deep cleaning of the carpets throughout the school

In previous years the Fund has paid for many key projects, including the installation of Wi-Fi across the school, and laptops and tablets to support learning across the curriculum. 

Going forward, in addition to the above, we expect to use the Fund to contribute to the following:

  • Governors’ 10% contribution to the new astro turf
  • Renovations to the inside of the school to create more small work spaces and into the courtyard to provide two small workrooms for children to use
  • Investing in the technology needed for children in Key Stage 2
  • Upkeep of the new field
  • Continued investment in the Read Write Inc scheme with update courses, reading books and resources
  • Purchase of new home reading books, library books, and guided reading books for KS2
  • Investing in new and different outdoor play equipment for all the children to enjoy

Every year, parents are asked to contribute a suggested amount towards the Fund and for a number of years this has been £30 per year.  Having considered the position carefully, we feel that in order for the Fund to meet the increasing commitments required of it, for 2016/17 onwards we shall be increasing the suggested contribution to £60 per year.  Whilst this is a voluntary donation we hope you will understand that without your support we will not be in a position to continue to meet all the obligations of the Fund, including those set out in this letter.  It is the Governors’ view that these contributions represent an investment in your child’s education and we trust that you will share this view and want to support the Fund as much as you are able. 

Governor Fund Letter to all Parents Nov 2017

Governor Fund Contribution Forms

We would encourage you to set up a monthly standing order to make these contributions (details attached).  Should you wish to make a contribution, please sign and return the attached forms and return via the School Office. 

If you have any queries regarding donations to the Governors’ Fund then please contact Mike Shaw, either via the School Office, or by e-mail on  Enquiries are always treated in strictest confidence.  You can also download the form to contribute here: governors-fund-parental-contributions